Some feedback from APS organizers and participants
+ The content of APS is what I have been waiting for a very long time since the beginning of my study of Zhineng Qigong. And I am very happy to have hosted the first APS. I didn't imagine getting all this knowledge. Now that I know the potential, I will strongly support the next seminars and suggest it to all those people who are serious about Zhineng Qigong.

+ Before starting the APS, I had no idea and expectations of its content, but surely I didn’t think it was so exhaustive, rich of experience, constructive and needful.

+ I liked the APS very much. The seminar was very important for me: It helped me to root into both knowledge and experience of Zhineng Qigong. It also helped me to understand that I am part of a big project, to help myself and all humankind.

+ This intensive week left me with a clearer mind and stable. The perception inside the body is more precise.

+ During these 7 days I've learned more about the theory and practice of Zhineng Qigong, about principles and criteria, that are not often the subject of other workshops. I understood that the 7 days have been like "no time-no space" days in which many new concepts and new reference frameworks entered inside my mind. These new reference frameworks, these new ideas, concepts, we can call them a new way of life.

+ After the APS I have experienced significant changes inside. I couldn’t believe my senses when my question of 30 years ago found an answer during the APS thanks to the Hunyuan Theory. A light had been turned on inside and I felt an instant opening to the whole. Now I know, and once you know you have found the valuest treasure.

+ APS has given a new meaning to my practice illuminating the bases it is built on, so I can be more effective in promoting Zhineng Qigong in a clear and effective way. I enjoyed the collective field as a powerful experience as well as each day of your carefully crafted propositions. Like modern Socrates, your questions led to many important discoveries for all. I have had many changes in my life, but never so profoundly and in such a short time. Thank you for a new page in the book about life.

+ Thank you for the wonderful course you are running. It was delightful and full of great simple insights - always a sign for truth, I think.

+ In the past I have been involved in hun yuan energy studies, and 3 matter theory, however found your explanations very easy to understand and the whole course was fantastic.

+ It has had a very good effect on my thinking and state of being, I feel I am growing and I will carry this forward into the future.

+ I am comfortable with the knowledge that you kindly offered in the course which I find very concise and orderly presented. The complexed theory become easily digestible both at the preliminary level and at the higher level for those who have learned so much, the course become excellent summary.​ Your diagrams presented in the course make the virtual learning easy and I feel they are sometimes better than a thousand words of descriptions.

+ I feel it concisely presented the most important theory on hunyuan entirety and yiyuanti that has always been harder to understand. I have 2 translations of Hunyuan Entirety books in English that I continue to read and as the years pass, I can understand more. This helped me very much. I am sure as time goes on, other gems from the course will reappear in my consciousness for me to go deeper. I really love the theory, always have, and now I feel a bit closer to understanding it. Simple but not simple I might add.

+ I very much enjoyed the course. Not only was it a good intellectual exercise for me, it made me think more deeply about Zhineng Qigong. Although I have been practicing for several years your class gave me the details of the theory that I would not find anywhere else I believe.​ Doing your course has definitely helped me to have a greater understanding of Zhineng Qigong. I also enjoyed your teaching style and your smiling face!

+ I found the course stimulating with new information. I also found it especially encouraging and inspiring in affirming what was already known (from study and practicie). The content reinforced the inner knowing of Hunyuan Entirety and the equality of everyone in the field. I was also grateful for the clarity about extraordinary capabilities which are potential in us all and their application to serve us all.

+ It was exceptionally good, your teaching is very clear and precise and focused. And I like your diagrams. Also its wonderful to be able to watch the videos and go over each lesson again. I think I am closer to understanding the core purpose of Zhineng Qigong now, and the importance of practice. There were many very useful and practical ideas in it. I have more courage now to live my life. I would recommend your APS very highly.

+ The best part of the course is that it gave the context for the practice of Zhineng Qigong.

+ Thank you for the excellent online seminar. The content was very clear, concise and well presented. Your diagrams were very useful in understanding the point you were making. Your use of English was accurate and understandable. I am very happy to recommend the seminar as an excellent way to gain more knowledge and understanding of Zhineng QiGong in a relatively short period of time.

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