The open class will be held in English. Organizers and translators of different languages are welcome to cooperate with us to translate the content of the open class into your language for your group in real time.

Please note that time changes (winter time & summer time) in your country!
The time converter for your timeline:

Please click on the following link or use the Zoom app to join our online open classes:

ZOOM ID: 522 521 5200
Password: 5200 

If you have any questions, you can write to us by email and we will most likely answer them in open classes in due course.

Open classes are 
irregular and free. We welcome you to donate to support us.


What you need to join our open classes:
To join our open classes you need: a computer, cell phone or tablet and an internet connection. For online transmission, we use the video conferencing tool "Zoom". As a participant, you don't need to register at Zoom. You can just use the Zoom link to join our online sessions. Of course, if you download the Zoom app, you'll be able to use it more easily.

You can find our previous open classes from YouTube:


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