In this case, we recommend two choices for you to consider:
1). one to one coaching;
2). you may form a private group with families or close friends, to receive training and coaching together.

Private coaching includes but is not limited to: teaching Qigong methods, coaching Qigong theories, provide tailored qigong practice programs, etc. The content and style of coaching may not be limited to qigong practice.

Usually, each time of coaching should not be less than one hour.

Because private coaching occupies teacher's time, attention, wisdom solely for you, the charge will be higher than group standard. Details of the hourly rate will be discussed case by case. Yet, preceding consultant and communication are free of charge.

You will need:
1). a proper site ( prefer a separate and quiet place);
2). proper attire for exercise;
3). relaxed mind and body, self-initiation, and willpower. Are you ready?
4). If it is coaching online, you will need a computer, cell phone, or tablet, an internet connection, and a ZOOM app.

Ready? OK, let us experience the wonderful time together.

There are two ways of individual healing:
1. Face-to-face Qi therapy;
2. Remote Qigong therapy.
You can choose either way or both. ​

Many people know that the Qi therapy (including groups and individuals) of Zhineng Qigong is very effective. But most people cannot get continuous face-to-face Qi therapy. Which is a pity.

To help more patients to alleviate their suffering and regain their health as soon as possible, we accept the request for remote Qigong therapy from now on. Remote therapy is also a very effective healing technique of Zhineng Qigong, and its effect is almost the same as face-to-face Qi therapy.

You can be at home, or in any quiet place, to receive remote Qigong therapy. It's very simple and convenient. We will use a video call to perform Qigong therapy, just like face-to-face.

We have sufficient experience in Qi therapy and remote Qigong therapy and have achieved good results.

You can contact us if you want to get individual healing.
First, please describe your basic situation by email. We will tell you the specific steps and charges after receiving your email.

We wish you a speedy recovery.



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