How to make an appointment?
1.Fill out the booking form.
2.Send the booking form to email:
3.Wait for a reply and confirm the booking.
4.Book your ticket and arrive on time.
Note: We only accept group bookings of more than 3 people. If you are an individual, you may not be able to get consent unless there is a group booking that coincides with your booking.

Booking Form (Please fill one booking form per person and fill out all fields in the booking form in English language.)
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How to get to Yishui (retreat place)?
1.From Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Nanjing, Xi'an, Zhengzhou to Linyi by plane or train, or to Qingzhou by train, then take a taxi to Yuyuan Hotel Yishui County (taxi costs about 200-300 yuan).
2.Take the long-distance bus from the above major cities to Yishui County.

We can pick you up (there is a charge)
1. Qingzhou Railway Station and Linyi Airport, 200 yuan each time.
2. Linyi North Station (High Speed Rail Station), 150 yuan each time.
3. Yishui long-distance bus station, 20 yuan each time.

Healing and Healer Retreat
More than 80% of Qigong practitioners' main purpose is to recover from physical and psychological diseases and keep a healthy state. Facts show that Zhineng Qigong has a complete Theory and method system and very prominent effects in these aspects. Dr. Pang also repeatedly emphasized that the work of Qigong healing is the basis and focus for spreading Zhineng qigong and benefiting the people.
1. In order for more patients to benefit from Zhineng Qigong, get health and happiness as soon as possible;
2. In order to train more Zhineng Qigong professional healers who can effectively use Zhineng Qigong to help others relieve sufferings and spread health concepts.
Together with Shandong Yishui Zhineng Qigong Center, we hold Zhineng Qigong healing and healer retreat all year around.

24 days, year-around
It is starting on the 16th of each month.
Zhineng Qigong Healing and Healer Retreat, it is year-around, and 24 days per retreat, starting on the 16th of each month.

Who is suitable to join this retreat?
1.Patients who want to recover from the diseases through Zhineng Qigong (Except for patients with psychosis, infectious diseases and epilepsy.)
2.Qigong practitioners who want to learn and improve the theory, methods and skills of Zhineng Qigong healing.
3.The person who want to know about Zhineng qigong science.

Shandong Yishui Zhineng Qigong Center Address (retreat place) is, 
Yuyuan Hotel, Yishui County, Shandong, China (山东省临沂市沂水县东环路中段“誉源大酒店”).

Teachers: Gao Yuan, Zhang Hua, Lv Fuxiang, and others.​

Price: RMB 12000 yuan.
The price includes shared room, food and tuition.
If you need single room, you need to pay extra 60 yuan per day.

We strongly recommend that you participate in the whole process (24 days), as this is probably a complete process of qigong healing. If you are unable to participate in the whole process, the price is 550 yuan per day.
The characteristics and advantages of this retreat are,
1. Shandong Yishui Zhineng Qigong Center is a typical Zhineng Qigong cente in China, and it is similar to the previous Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center. They have always maintained a low-key and down-to-earth working style.There are almost no advertisements here, but patients and students are constantly coming from all over the place;
2. Here, you will get professional guidance and help from Qigong teachers who have more than 20 years of experience in Zhineng Qigong healing and teaching; There are about 100 Chinese practitioners here and you will study, practice and communicate with them;
3. There is a strong and harmonious qifield here, you will be integrated into it and benefit a lot;
4. There are a large number of beneficiaries of Zhineng Qigong healing, and you will be inspired and motivated by their experience;
5. The retreat is year-round, you can choose your own convenient time to come to study and heal.

Your will get,
1.The good effects in recovering physical and psychological diseases;
2.Learn and master the theory, methods and skills of Qigong healing;
3.Recognize and experience the true state of Zhineng Qigong development in China.
4.Get professional guidance and help from teachers and experience sharing from recovery patients.
5.Experience the power of the big qifield.
6.Learn to use Qigong to help yourself and others.
7.Learn to use the role of consciousness to quickly optimize life.
8.Combine Qigong with your life, gradually form a new lifestyle to optimize life and keep happiness.

Here you will get health, hope, upward strength, inner joy and enjoyment.
​Zhineng Qigong
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